Spa One Professional Gel-Ice Soak-off  Gel is available in 70 colors, and a clear base and top gloss.

Odorless and solvent free.

Quick and easy. Cures in 30 seconds in LED light unit and 2 minutes in UV light unit.

This pure gel applies just like polish - right out of the bottle.

Apply base, color and top gloss for perfect colored nails that will last weeks.

Ergonomically designed bottles fit perfectly into your hand. No more fumbling with the bottle when applying to a client.

The bottle design is not the only thing that sets Spa One apart from the rest, the packaging colors are gorgeous, in our  purple and silver signature colors.

Not to mention the superior application and staying power on the nails.

Perfect for manicures and pedicures.

Available in 1/4 oz bottles.

LED / UV Soak Off Gel Spa One Professional LED gel and light unit