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Welcome to Spa One Professional Nail Products.

Spa One offers a large array of gel nail products as well as acrylics.
Gel nail products include a full line of classic gels, as well as color and LED gels.
Spa One classic gel comes in a variety of viscosities and color choices, (white, clear and different shades of pink).
The different shades allow you to custom design your nail creations.
Tri-Coat gel is a unique gel - I call it the perfect solution to everything. This gel is a thin self leveling gel - that can be used as a base coat, mid coat, and top coat. Is suitable for every type of nail. Use alone for natural nail overlay - or as a top coat to fill any imperfections.

Spa One UV/LED Soak Off Color Gel offers you over 100 colors to create perfect full color nail enhancements as well as unending possibilities for nail art designs. This 100% pure gel is odor free and is perfect for nails on both the hands and feet.

Spa One Gel-Ice LED/UV gel is a pure gel product and available in 72 color choices. Comes packaged in the beautiful ergonomic bottle to perfectly fit into your hand for ease of application. Applies just like nail polish. Cures in a LED light unit in 30 seconds and an UV light unit in 2 minutes. Thin and natural, this LED gel is a perfect choice for a natural nail overlay and on toes. Will last for weeks.

Spa One Acrylic nail products are available in the classic colors of Clear, White and Pink. Spa One also offers 18 additional colors for that creative side.
Spa One offers odorless liquid as well as the regular fast cure liquid.

Spa One Professional Product line for natural nail care is second to none for healthy looking nails. Indulge in lotions and scrubs, as well as cuticle softeners and oils to nourish the nail bad.

Spa One has different light units for your professional needs ranging from a 9 watt single bulb light to a full hand light unit with LED time display and internal fan to cool or dry the nail products. Our new 12 wt LED light will cure LED gels in 30 seconds.